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This page contains a few selected highlights, to see all the aerial photographs of Birmingham click here for the city centre and here for the suburbs.

aerial photographs of  Birmingham  West Midlands England  UK aerial photographs of Birmingham  West Midlands England  UK aerial photographs of Fort Dunlop Birmingham  West Midlands England  UK aerial photos of the Saracens Head , Kings Norton Birmingham  West Midlands England  UK
Fort Dunlop
chamberlain fountain longbrissge aerial photo Spiral Cafe aaerial photos of  the Victoria Law Courts
aston villa birmingham citzs st andrews ground aerial photo alexander stadium birmingham edgbaston county ground aerial
aerial  view aerial photograph   of st martins church big wheel st pauls square aerial
Birmingham Cathedral
Birmingham millenium point fire service hq Birmingham aerial
Park Central Brindley House & BT Tower aerial council house catacombs
Park Central BrindleyHs& BT Twr Council House Cacacombs
gas street basin sherborne street wharf oozells street loop aerial  view of the Bullring shopping centre Birmingham
chamberlain fountain chamberlain clock sunday market aaerial photos of New Street station Birmingham  West Midlands England  UK
Chamberlain Clock
beetham tower Cadburzs factorz at Bournville Birmingham england uk hyatt hotel Buddhist Vihara - Dhammatalaka Peace Pagoda Knowle staircase locks aerial view moor st station

For the full selection of aerial photos of Birmingham click here for the city centre images


The suburbs are all in a separate gallery - click here


Now being uploaded, the highest resolution civilian aerial photographs of Birmingham ever taken, and that's no Bull !



Lots of aerial photographers have shot the Bullring, I decided to go one better and shoot the bull. The above is a 100% crop from one of my new 21 megapixel Canon 1DS mkII with gyro stabilized and image stabilized ultra long lens. Shot from thousands of feet in the air while moving at 100 mph. Click here to see the whole image. NB these are all very compressed to JPEG 3, the original is even better.

Out now- the latest in my "from the air seiries of books"

Birmingham from the air

Birmingham from the air



Click here for further info


photos of St Patrick's Day Parade on 12th March 2007 (click here )

(2009 images also available  and are even more detailed )

st patricks day parade birmingham 2007 aerial

I fly regularly to Birmingham and have special clearance to fly within the Birmingham Air traffic control zone so if you would like a specially commissioned image taken to exactly your requirements then email me or can also take click here for a guide to specially commissioned bespoke aerial photography prices. With commissioned work I can take close up images to your specific directions often focusing on just a single building. I am now on the treadmill of digital photography with regularly updated DSLR cameras so commissioned work will always be on the latest and greatest camera. Currently I seem to be buying a Digital DSLR camera body every year or two. Most photographs for 2005 were done on the Canon 20D which I have had specially set up by Canons technical people to optimize image resolution for aerial photography. New images and commission work for 2006 & 2007 were  done on a Canon 5D (those with aa or ba reference numbers) and 2008 to 2010 were on the 21 Megapixel Canon 1DS mkIII. More important than the camera are the lenses and I have the very best lenses money can buy. There is more info on my equipment page ( click here ) . If shooting a close up / long lens shot its quite amazing what will show up. Here are some full sized samplesto show the detail (from the newer images ).

Long lens sample (St Micheals Church) ( from 2006)

Very Long lens sample (Sunday Market)

There are also two full sized samples on the St Patricks Day Parade gallery above. If your computer struggles with the large images, here is a zoom in section of one of the very long lens images;

car boot sale


I would also like to take the opertunity to give a big thank you to the Birmingham air traffic controlers who were very very very helpfull in the making of these images ! :o)


All the aerial photos in the Webb Aviation aerial photo library are available as high resolution digi files for uses such as publishing, legal use or planning applications, click here for information and prices of digital files and reproducing these images.

To buy a photo simply click the "add to cart" button which is on each page with the full sized enlargements. If it dosnt work (and high technology always fails around me! ) or if you prefer not to buy online you can email your order to [email protected] quoting the picture reference and justpost me a cheque (sometimes the old ways are far simpler ! ) . All the photographs are taken by me Jonathan C K Webb. I can also supply the images as postcards but only in very large quantities (thousands) for trade use.

I've been working at Aerial photographers Webb Aviation for some years now and have quite extensive stock aerial photographs of other towns & cities in the UK - just go to the main aerial photograph gallery to browse through my work, county by county and town by town. I am currently shooting around 10,000 aerial photos a year so the collection is growning rapidly. I have quite a lot of images I want to add to this Birmingham gallery but they are very time consuming to prepare and turn into web pages so it may take a while, indeed I seem to be shooting at a greater rate than I can add stuff to the web.

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