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in the above example if you run your mouse curser on and off the image it will switch between the before image and after image (if it doesn't work your Java script is disabled so click here to see the before image the old fashioned way!)

As you can see my customer with the tidy haulage yard is next to something slightly less than beautiful ... so with a little computer trickery I have tidied up and added trees and lawns. Its a bit like one of these tv make over programs but without the MDF!

Because I have now built up a vast texture library I can do quite major alterations on an image or even create an image entirely by amalgamating small parts of a number of images. This has particular benefits for the advertising industry where it may be desirable to avoid using a real location.


Pricing.... well as every job is different you will have to email for a quote but an hours work is included with all images sold so some retouching is available at no extra cost on top of the commission or stock image cost.


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