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Aerial Video to order

We provide professional quality  short aerial video clips suitable for incorporation into wider productions. Using an industry leading  gyro stabilised Canon 5DIII video camera we concentrate on just the camera work, providing unedited clips for our customers to incorporate in their own video productions. Video is available in both SD and HD and a variety of file formats.

Video from stills

We can also provide stock HD video clips based on our huge library of still images.

Current Webb Aviation aerial photographs are taken at extremely high resolution which means they can easily be turned into short video clips of typically 10 to 30 seconds per image. All stock image and commission sales include up to an hours post production which is easily enough to provide an image as a video clip in a chosen video. Aerial video clips taken from high resolution stills can include pans, zoom in or out and rotations or a combination of the 3.



( Requires Quick Time to view )


Rotate only works well with vertical images although some pans may benefit from a few degrees of rotation during the pan.


These short aerial videos are available in the following formats:

Quick Time or Windows media web movies of various sizes

Standard definition MPEG2 4:3

High Definition MPEG 2 16:9 widescreen in either 720p or 1080p full high definition with a choice of frame rates.

Larger samples in your desired format available to video professionals on request up to and including full HDTV.

By taking video from High Resolution stills there are both advantages and disadvantages:


Advantages: Resultant footage is rock steady as all the movement is done on the computer. Video from light aircraft is notoriously bouncy and often un usable... I know as I have already had the experience of a one hour video flight with nothing usable due to turbulence! For this reason aerial video from stills is often chosen in preference to conventional video footage taken on a camcorder.

Price: Stock images start at just £100 + vat whereas conventional video is best done from a helicopter which will cost £700 to £1500 per hour.

Disadvantages: This technique does not lend itself to subjects which should show a lot of movement such as motorways or close up crowd scenes. Also orbits are only possible with lots of images and cutting between them. This is ok for a few degrees of orbit but does not look good for 360 degrees although it is fine if the 360 degrees is split into chunks and used in chunks through a longer program with your other footage between aerial clips.

Note, 30 seconds does not make a full finished promo video. These clips are intended for video professionals to insert in customers own video project. As such they are normally supplied without sound although sound can be added if required. If music you will need to provide an mp3 suitably licensed to yourself. Commentary is available in either English or German or you could have a basic plain background noise of either aircraft engine note or cityscape background noise. When purchasing short aerial video clips you get both the original high resolution digital photograph and video in your chosen format. The license included full usage of both. When ordering please specify which of the many video formats you would like.


The length of a video clip depends on a number of factors but especialy the output resolution. The most recent stock High Resolution stills are some 5616 pixels wide. The Highest resolution HD video is 1920 pixels wide so a pan will cover just over 2 screen widths and perhaps 10 seconds. If the same image is used to produce a web video of say 400 pixels wide then it can pan slowly along for 30 or 40 seconds.


Get your moneys worth- the same High Resolution photograph can be used to produce more than one clip. You could start with a zoom clip, then use a pan clip later on in the same video. Usually too many clips from the same still used back to back is not a good idea but works fine if interspersed with your other footage so they are nnot back to back.


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As well as the stock images I can take aerial photographs to order-

click here for a guide to my commissioned photography prices or email me for a quote.




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