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The above model was created with photogrammetry techniques using only a series of high definition, low distortion aerial photographs. A significant part of my work is aerial photography for 3d and other computer generated images. This work requires lenses with minimal distortion and I use some of the best camera lenses available including the Zeiss Distagon 21mm, Canon 35mm f1.4L, Canon 50mm f1.2 L , Canon 85mm f1.2 L and the Canon 300mm f2.8L (  More info on my equipment here ) .  These produce a very high quality image with the minimum of lens distortion which is then a good starting point for creating a 3D image.  Some of my customers then use the images to create their own 3d cgi  images, or using the latest photogrammetry techniques we can create a fully textured  3D model in most 3d file formats.

3d model of

We create the images by first shooting a series of oblique aerial images. We then use photogrammetry software to plot matching points on different photographs which the software then solves as a fully textured 3d model which can be output in all popular 3d file formats. The model can then be edited with standard 3d modeling software and can also be used to output video from angles which would not be easy to do in real life. Images can be viewed in either textured or untextured mode as in this 3d model of Liverpool Catholic Cathedral .

The model can be viewed at angles which would be very difficult in real life. The above view is too high to get on the ground but also too low to fly in an aircraft. Although only intended for visualisation purposes the models are surprisingly accurate.

We have considerable experience in providing models for use on Google Earth®*. Please email or phone for more information. Here are some screenshots of a recent project we have undertaken for the University of Exeter which involved modelling most of the 3 University Campuses. The models can be viewed on Google Earth®* (make sure you have the 3d model layer enabled ) and can be downloaded from  Google Warehouse ®* here. NB We haven't done every model of the Campus ouselves but have done the vast majority, over 100 models in fact.


Holland Hall . A 3d model of this building can be downloaded from Google Warehouse ®*: click here

3d model

Streatham Court  . A 3d model of this building can be downloaded from Google Warehouse ®*: click here

3d cgi

INTO building  . A 3d model of this building can be downloaded from Google Warehouse ®*: click here

Further 3d models from this project can be viewed and downloaded from Google Warehouse  ®*
: click here

*Legal notice: Jonathan Webb T/A Webb Aviation , is an independent artist and is not affiliated to or endorsed by Google. Google Earth® Google Warehouse ®  are trade marks of  Google Inc. Our only connection with Google is that some of our customers have uploaded models we have made to the Google Earth service.

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All images on this page  are copyright  ©  Webb Aviation / Jonathan Webb 2009-10 all rights reserved. Legal notice: Jonathan C K Webb trading as Webb Aviation is an  independent artistist, not affiliated to or endorsed by any of the subjects depicted. All images are sold without property or model releases.

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