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aerial photograph of Mam Tor Hillfort, Derbyshire

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The origins of Mam Tor hillfort go back to the Bronze Age with occupation through the Iron Age and Roman periods. The site has superbly preserved ramparts and many leveled areas, each of which had been a house or work building. The site is well worth a visit on the ground, with history display boards and the sum mitt marked by a trig point (see ground pic below) offering excellent views of Edale and Castleton (site of Pevril castle) all of which I have also photographed from the air. If visiting the site on the ground be carefully of the dangerous cliff edge to which my fearless 12 year old felt an irresistible draw. If visiting by aircraft watch out for the many parasenders as they can lead to propeller damage ;o)

I took quite a selection and I've put 9 online covering the Hillfort from various angles.

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mam tor

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