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Castleshaw Roman Fort Lancashire UK aerial photograph | aerial photographs of Great Britain by Jonathan C.K. Webb
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Castleshaw Roman Fort Lancashire UK aerial photograph

IMG_3144a.jpg Castleshaw Roman Fort  Lancashire UK aerial photographThumbnailsCastleshaw Roman Fort  Lancashire UK aerial photographThumbnailsCastleshaw Roman Fort  Lancashire UK aerial photographThumbnails
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aerial photograph of Castleshaw Roman Fort
This is the Roman fort at Castleshaw on the Penines. It forms a stopping off point on the Roman road from Mancunium (Manchester) and Eboracum (York). The fort is actually two forts. The latter fort was much smaller and shows well on these images, but if you look at the wider views you can make out the line of the original defenses which form a larger fort which was built in the first century AD. The original defenses were of earth and timber and the site was never reconstructed in stone. The Roman Name of the site was Rigodunum. I have taken views all the way round the site and from different distances Note how the archeology shows up better depending on the angle of the sun. The whole series was taken at the absolute optimal time, just before sunset with the low sun accenting every undulation.


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