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Mynydd-y-GarregTower-ic33850.jpg Mynydd-y-GarregTower-ic33847aThumbnailsPantasaph-ic33942Mynydd-y-GarregTower-ic33847aThumbnailsPantasaph-ic33942Mynydd-y-GarregTower-ic33847aThumbnailsPantasaph-ic33942Mynydd-y-GarregTower-ic33847aThumbnailsPantasaph-ic33942
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aerial photograph of Mynydd y Garreg Tower, Whitford Flintshire., The original purpose of this tower is unknown. Local legend describes it as a Roman Pharos but there is no evidence to support this. It is marked on 18th century maps as a beacon but also in other sources described as a watch tower or windmill. It was restored in the 10th century and is today preserved as a grade II listed building.