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HighBanksRomanFortOvingtonjc20333.jpg ThumbnailsHighBanksRomanFortOvingtonjc20346ThumbnailsHighBanksRomanFortOvingtonjc20346ThumbnailsHighBanksRomanFortOvingtonjc20346ThumbnailsHighBanksRomanFortOvingtonjc20346ThumbnailsHighBanksRomanFortOvingtonjc20346
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aerial photograph of High Banks Roman / Iron Age Fort at Ovington Norfolk England UK. This site has never been properly excavated so it is not exactly certain what is here. Various prehistoric and Roman items have been found around the site and it is a scheduled ancient monument. As you can see in the photographs the site is a rectangular fort, some parts of which are no longer extant but still show as crop marks. Views into sun appear to also show the corner of an inner rectangular shape.