As well as my standard sizes of 18" X 12" and 30" X 20" aerial pictures of England, I can also do larger sizes for some images. Not all images are suitable for very big prints, in particular A0 and  and 2A0 are only for 2006 onwards digital images shot in perfect conditions. Each individual image has a maximum recommended size depending on what format it was shot and the prevailing weather conditions and sun direction at the time it was shot so please enquire by email quoting the image reference. There is a rough guide to formats and maximum sizes at the bottom of the page.


Here is a sample of the Laminated & mounted pictures, this one is an A1 which I did for the National Railway Museum in York (click to see it full page);

aerial photographer JW holding an A1



Below is a sample of the biggest aerial picture available, the 2A0 (1189mmX 1682mm) click to see it full page;

aerial photographer
            JW holding an A1


Laminated finish showing close up of how the edge is presented. The photo is mounted on MDF or Foamex with a laminated gloss finish protective layer over it. The picture is wipe clean and the lamination reduces the effects of fading. This one is on MDF with black stained edges. Unstained natural wood colour is also available or I can laminate it on Foamex in black or white(foamex is approx half the thickness of the MDF shown and much lighter ). Unless told otherwise I mount them on Foamex as standard. MDF is also subject to availability as the lab that I used previously has closed.

corner detail



Click here for my print prices

If you need a particular one off size making please email your requirements and we will work out a costing.


All our images are available as postcards but only in trade quantities of multiple thousands of each individual photograph. Please email for a quote (trade only for postcards)


We also offer a digital manipulation service , so if you would like something removing such as an ugly building next door we can do it. For retouching imperfections prices range from free if its a very small amount, to about 100.00 for very extensively retouching image. It is also possible to digitally create something that isn't there such as a proposed building in which case email for a quote. . The retouching cost is in addition to the normal print price , digital file price of Commissioned price.


In these litigious times and the laminated images are supplied without mountings and we recommend they are both screwed and glued to a secure wall by a suitable qualified person in such a way they can never come off. If you are certain there is no danger you may choose a less secure method, at your own risk, remember though if an MDF 40"x30" falls on somebody's head it will be sufficient grounds for your neighborhood accident lawyer to pop down to his local BMW dealer for a car upgrade!


Rough guide to maximum sie available in each format. Images vary significantly even within the same format dependent on weather, sun direction, time of year and other factors. Genrally speaking for a good sunny summer image the following maximum sizes are recomended

years in service at webbaviation
max size to excellent quality
maximum recomended size with reasonable quality
35mm film
635 medium format
67 medium format
6mega pixel digital
A3 / 18"x12"
A2 30"x20"
8mega pixel digital
A3 / 18"x12"
A2 30"x20"
12mega pixel digital
2A0 (double A0 )
21mega pixel digital
48 sheet ( roadside poster size! )
50 megapixel
2015 -
2A0 48 sheet ( roadside poster size! )


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