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Inexpensive prints of stock UK aerial photography are available  in my gallery section.

Digital files of stock images are available for commercial use. Click here for information and prices for stock digital files and reproducing stock aerial photography.

  Economy  Specials

   To keep prices down we do a round trip and shoot a number of places on the same flight.

includes a good selection or professional quality images
Prices vary considerably  from area to area so please email your target details for a firm quote.
Please note aerial photography is very different from ground photography, the main thing which determines price is location as some areas require a twin engined flying machine and other dont. For example near Hathrow is very expensive but the middle of Kent or North Yorkshire is very cheap. Email me the post code and I can email back a price quote. 

Premium ultra high quality service


for customers wanting the very best aerial photography money can buy,
shot with over £30,000.00 worth of Camera equipment!

Please email for a firm quote. We can fly in a machine of your choice, fixed wing or helicopter.   Please see below for the differences between my economy photographs and my normal high quality premium photographs. Economy photos are aimed at people who want the cheapest, premium aerial photography is for people who want the best and or the quickest. The prices above are  shared round robin  missions in summer where a sharing opportunity exists, winter prices and individual missions cost more.

Now available for new premium commissions :
new from 2015, the brand new 50 Megapixel Canon 5DSR

50 Megapixel Images are not available for all jobs so please email for latest availability.

Economy video service also available

email target info for a firm quote

Drones, drones drones !

According to the media, the rapid advancement in drones is heralding a bright new age where aerial photography is going to be free or nearly free. Unfortunately these predictions are as accurate as those that said nuclear power would be so  cheap it would not be worth metering ! Professional drone photography is highly regulated and many of the sorts of things we usually photograph such as crowded areas, towns and villages are expensive , time consuming and often  impossible to photograph legally with a drone. For that reason it is sometimes cheaper and quicker to shoot with a real aircraft  or helicopter.  To help us provide the best platform for your needs, please let us know what you want to achieve with your aerial photography.


Economy or premium price - the difference
My Premium Quality Service
 Standard economy service
Urgent work - usually within the week and often next day are available
 Non Urgent - to get the lower price these jobs have to be grouped together and done several on a flight. On occasions when no other jobs are booked you may need to wait. We  group work with other aerial photographers to keep costs to an absolute minimum and provide economy pictures in a reasonable time frame.
At least 40 images and you get all the best ones of your flight which is often a lot more than 40 ( Except 20 near big airports and only 10 if done from a Seneca as is the case in London ) 20 images.
Unless it is near an airport or difficult area  We normally do several orbits with different lenses. Great care is taken on the image lighting and composition. Typically one orbit with a zoom lens -  bang bang bang , wide , close, wide. close done!  Nothing arty just quick , simple, efficient  , economical and to a professional standard.

Premium Grade equipment - the job is done with  top grade professional camera equipment.  Image quality is no1 priority and work is done to a higher standard than an average aerial photographer. I usually fly with up to £35,000.00 worth of Camera equipment! (see below )  Done with a professional DSLR digital camera greater than 20 megapixels as used by typical professional aerial photographers.  Economy is the No1  priority but all work is to a professional standard.
May include unusually long lens or unusually wide lens shots. Any job needing "Thor" my £5k 300mm f2.8L or my super wide £2k 21mm Zeiss Distagon is a premium job !
 Lenses used not wider than 24mm and not longer than 200mm, ie the normal range that every aerial photographer uses. Good enough for a scenic view and good enough for a close up of a factory but not long enough for the extreme close ups often seen on webbaviation.co.uk
Includes difficult to fly areas such as big cities and near airports.
 May not include some  big cities and difficult to fly areas .
Night aerial photography available although may cost extra.
 Daytime only.
Images are generally edited and prepared although by how much will depend on the job. For a brochure I may provide 40 perfect images whereas for a construction progress shoot 100 unedited images may be more appropriate. Up to an hours post production work is included which can be used to add labels or re-size a number images.
Images are unedited JPEGs, ready to use and ideal to use as provided for uses such as planning permission but if your a perfectionist you may want to do some straitening, colour adjustments etc. If you require any significant post production it will cost extra.
Selection of images available to download within 24 hours and usually later on the day of shooting with a wider selection following on CD a few days later.
Images follow over the internet a few days after shooting.
Although I cannot guarantee the weather I can liaise with premium clients on which days give the best chance of good weather and generally shoot when the client wants.  If a job is very urgent and must be flown in poor weather the better quality premium service lenses and Gyro stabilizer make themselves especially noticeable.
All economy images are taken in acceptable flying weather which means no forecast fog, low cloud or no heavy rain. As jobs are grouped together it is not possible to liaise with clients on an exact shooting day.
Greater certainty on timescale, email for an estimated time scale. Some remote areas may need to be grouped even on the premium service.
 Less certainty on time scale and some jobs in more remote  areas may sit around for a long time waiting for more work in the same area. Email the target details for a better idea.
Prices of all services are only a rough guide as there are many variables in the complicated business of  aerial photography. Please email your target information for confirmation of price and time scales.

Please specify if you want video when asking for a quote.

  With  all commissioned aerial photography you will get  high resolution digital files and royalty free licence to reproduce as many copies as you wish at no extra cost. (NB images must be paid for before being reproduced, more info on our copyright page and terms below) For economy and urgent orders, I work together with a number of leading aerial photographers which allows us to combine targets into a round robin flight and provide the quickest results at an economical cost.


 The Webb Aviation Premium aerial photography service:

Next day service often available and usually at standard premium service prices


Selection of images to download same day



I have at my disposal (at time of writing), a fleet of 4 CAA approved Cessna aircraft and a number of  helicopters  based  at strategic locations in England and Wales. After shooting your site I usually go straight back to the office and upload a small selection of the images the same day or that night, no matter how late, even when working on the other side of the country .... in fact I have even managed to upload something within 12 hours when travelling half way across Europe.


Ultra High Quality - nobody does it better!

Sometimes little details can be important


(Shot from 1500 feet up, travelling at 100 mph )

My premium aerial photographs are of the highest quality available and sharper than a banker negotiating a pension. I use premium quality equipment  I can shoot an individual building full frame with a long lens and the detail shown is considerable, allowing printing up to very large sizes indeed. 48 sheet ( roadside posters ) should be no problem with my  cameras. The work is done to a very high standard using  top professional  fast lenses such as the Canon L professional series the 35mm f1.4L, 50mm f1.2L, 85mm f1.2L, 24-70mm f2.8L , 70-200mm f2.8L , Zeiß Distagon 21mm and the breathtaking Canon 300mm f2.8L for extra close ups. As well as the longer lens being image stabilized I also have a $4000 Kenyon Laboratories ( ken-lab ) KS-8 Gyro stabilizer which attaches to the camera lens and reduces the lens movement when a camera is being used bouncing around in an aeroplane or helicopter. The Gyro contains two disks spinning at very high speed on different axises sealed in helium which produces a Gyroscopic stabilizing effect. The units are very specialist and more likely to be seen on a Hollywood set than at your local aerodrome. The combination of an image stabilized lens mounted on a gyro stabilizer produces very sharp image as the gyro allows the shutter speed to be reduced to the level where the lenses image stabilization system becomes effective. Next day service often available and 7 day service usually available.

My construction progress aerial photography is a little more detailed than the usual.


(Shot from 1500 feet up, travelling at 100 mph )


If you require two sites in close proximity I can photograph the second site at reduced  cost, indeed many of our jobs cover 10 to 50 sites which can result in a very low cost per site. Up to an hours post production work is included for things such as minor retouching, image labeling etc. This is usually sufficient to provide most common alterations to a single favorite image from the selection taken. Please email me on; [email protected] . Prices may vary if the work contains something unusual or requires an unusual aircraft but as far as possible I try to stick to a fixed price list (more than 9 out of 10 jobs are at the standard fixed price). In most cases I try to wait for a sunny or at least bright day but in some areas operational reasons mean that a specific day or time period needs to be agreed before hand. This does mean you have to take pot luck with the weather and there is no guarantee of bright weather although I will normally agree the flying day with the client so you have the best chance of bright weather. This is especially the case for all long distance work which often needs to be booked a few days in advance to allow flight planning, air traffic clearances etc. I work weekends but normally weekend work such as an event needs to be booked a few weeks in advance, especially Sunday work.

deckchairs - long
                            lens Why Aye Man beach HMS Victory castell coch
fountain - long lens restaurant 21
                              megapixel aerial photo Uttoxetter 21 megapixel
                            bloke on a stick 12 megapixel Long lens aerial photo of
                            Düsseldorf Germany


                          Reg from 1500 feet up

My ultra long lens can often show car numbers from 1500 feet up ( thats 3 times higher than those police helicopter videos you see on TV ) Sometimes as here, you can even read the Carcraft dealer sticker !

Here is my premium service camera kit compared to typical aerial photographers kits;.

cheap kit

Cheaper " Professional " aerial photographer

( always described as
" State of the art digital camera equipment " ! )

worth around £800

experienced up market pro aerial photographer

worth around £4500

me !


and nearly all of it goes on nearly every flight!




 I am further developing my ultra high resolution aerial photography and now have what I believe to be the highest resolution aerial photographs commercially available. Here is a 100% cut out of another one:




The image shows the top of one of a new Tower blocks being completed. This is not a lucky one off shot and I can take shots like this to order on any sunny day. Many of my regular construction firm customers have been astounded at what they are starting to get in 2008. The full image looks like this:

or click here to see a 21 MegaPIxel version ( compressed to JPEG 3 for the web )

I wrote the above about long lenses in 2008, in 2010 I've got even better:


from 1500 feet in the air, doing 100mph!!!!


 I can also shoot very low angle oblique aerial photographs like this whcih give the impression they are taken from a very low height or even from a tall building. ( In reality they are taken from above 1500 ft using a long lens ) :




or click here to see a 21 MegaPIxel version ( compressed to JPEG 3 for the web )

These low angle obliques finely bridge the gap between ground and aerial photography. They are best suited to large buildings with a clear field of view in front of them and are not possible at every location. Please specify a low angle image when ordering.


I am one of only a handfull of UK aerial photographers equiped and able to do night aerial photography.



An enlargement service is also available if required 


Other service available

Expert witness

Jonathan Webb is an expert in the field of aerial photography with decades of experience. Jonathan is happy to act as an expert witness in relation to aerial photography.
For 2015 the current price of this service is
£1000.00 per day plus vat, plus expenses.



" Neither a borrower nor a lender be " ( Hamlet Act 1 Scene III )

Some orders may require a deposit or prepayment. Generally large PLC's and government jobs are done without deposit whereas private individuals and small businesses will usually be required to pay a deposit, especially where the subjects are some distance from our home base. Work for photographic agents, property developers and publishers are usually only done on a pre paid basis. All outstanding payments are due on delivery. Where the items are posted by ordinary post this means we expect payment within 5 working days of receipt of goods. We do not do "28 day invoices" 6 weeks credit or any other form of credit/delayed payment. Charges will be applied to late payers ( min £40 extra for payment not received after 2 weeks). Note carefully that rights to reproduce the images don't start until the images have been paid for. Late payers using the images before payment will find themselves paying at the unauthorized rate which is considerably higher. Any alleged errors or shortcomings in our invoicing or imagery must be drawn to our attention within 7 days of  your receipt.


Any  price examples above are the typical cost of a straightforward, single site, non urgent job, some complications may add to the cost or preclude aerial work in a specific area so please email your requirements for a confirmation of the price. I do multi site jobs for not much more if its in the same area . Many of our jobs our multi site jobs covering perhaps 10 to 50 or more locations, these can work out very cheaply per site.

Finished photographs . Below are some of the most common options for orders. The timescale's quoted are usual but not guaranteed, and in all cases urgent orders must be discussed and agreed before hand. We can do almost anything so if you have a specific need email and ask!

Digital This is now the standard default medium and much better than the old film cameras. I supply a cd or DVD with the full selection of images on and if urgent I can supply a selection digitally over the net usually within a working day. A non transferable unlimited non transferable non exclusive, royalty free licence to reproduce is assigned to the customer on payment so you can reproduce the images any size , media or quantity you wish at no extra charge, forever. The images are supplied as high quality JPEG format or most other formats if requested ( eg TIFFs but if you require TIFFS please ask before shooting as we only archive RAW and JPEGS). Our latest digital images are suitable for most uses and will produce excellent prints to very large sizes. Digital orders do not include any prints as standard but lab quality prints may be requested as an extra.

We can also undertake digital manipulation of images if required such as touching up, annotating or highlighting particular features on a favorite image Click here to see an example of this artwork. Up to an hours manipulation work is included with the commission price for minor retouching of a single image although very extensive work like this will cost extra. Usually an hour is quite sufficient for typical highlighting, cropping and annotating jobs.


legal use Please specify when ordering if the images are for litigation / court use. We will then ensure the images have the minimum of manipulation and can counter sign one of the images as a true representation of the subject. If this is not specified then the images will be supplied with aesthetics as the priority and may be cropped, color adjusted, haze reduced and may have blemishes removed. I have supplied many images for legal problems such as boundary disputes and road traffic accidents. I can also act as an expert witness in court if required.

Urgent orders and time scales for aerial imagery


" Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and fly ! "


Specialist in urgent aerial photography


Subject to flying considerations, for my premium service  I fly when you want me to fly and fit in with your timescales. I do a lot of jobs where I have to provide the images in a certain time window, typically delivered within 7 days for a 1 week service although most customers give me a month. Please note the UK has very changeable weather and I cannot control it and therefore do not guarantee to shoot in any particular conditions. Your images may be done in haze or under cloud although I would not normally photograph in the rain. I try to shoot in the best weather I can but am limited by flight clearances, aircaft availability etc If you need a perfect sunny photograph please buy one of my stock photographs of which I have a huge selection. Many jobs have to be done under cloud and for that I have the best camera and best equipment available and using a fast lens, particularly the f1.2 Lenses with Gyro stabilizer allows me to shoot at least something in any weather safe to fly in . I have the best poor weather and low light aerial photography money can buy and can offer a nearly any weather service. With coming from the Manchester area I am very experienced in poor weather aerial photography and can produce sharp images where most photographers cannot. If speed really is important then an urgent job can usually be done within a week and often next day but please remember, if its stormy the wind is too high we cannot fly and if there is low cloud we may not be able to see your target. The subject also will have an effect on time-scale- a large area or very high altitude shot will require a much clearer day with the clouds higher up as I cannot shoot through the cloud, only from under it. Also there are fewer suitable days in winter. If you know you are going to want a photograph try to give me at least a month (this doesn't mean it will take a month, we have been known to do a non urgent job an hour after the order was received and about a quarter of jobs are lucky with the weather and taken within a week) Most are done in 1 to 4 weeks. I don't hold up any orders waiting to build up a batch (a practice known as gang shooting) , I will fly whether it is just one job or many (Many / most or all other aerial photographers will not fly for a single job unless its at a premium price) Although technical problems / aircraft availability can cause a delay I have at my disposal, a fleet of 6 CAA approved Cessna aircraft plus numerous helicopters at strategic locations throughout the UK so as to maximize availability.

Please note most of my aerial photography is done from small aircraft and helicopters which are very temperamental and fragile things , as are some of the pilots, so the possibility of an aborted flight is ever present.

The examples and most of the gallery images are taken in summer, please be aware that aerial photographs are different in winter with more shadow and different colours. Houses and properties with extensive gardens will look much better taken between May and September.


Image courtesy of Thurston Helicopters, Kent


For London aerial photography CAA regulations mean I must use a twin engined aircraft as above or a twin engined helicopter.

Image courtesy of Stapleford Flight Centre, Essex


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[email protected]

Webb Aviation, "Villa Minimus" 14 Laleham Green, Bramhall, Cheshire SK7 3LJ

Tel 0161 439 5197 Mob 0776 968 8748




All orders are subject to the following terms unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing .

Webb Aviation is fully compliant with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 

For licences requiring credited use the Credit (Author Attribution )  is not the huge text written across some of my gallery pictures but typically one of the following  somewhere in the bottom corner or adjacent the image ( NB the credit must be easily legible so minimum 12 points text size and on the same page ) ;

UK payments by cheque in £ sterling should be made payable to "Webb Aviation " or through our on-line secure transaction service which accepts a variety of cards and currencies. Payment for non pre paid orders is due COD or by return of post on receipt of delivery. Many commission orders will require a prepayment or at least a deposit determined on a case by case basis dependent upon the level of financial risk to ourselves. Any deposit / prepayment  is refundable in full if the order is cancelled before the day of flight, including when weather causes a cancellation. ( For some special jobs a notice period of more than a day may be required but customers will be clearly informed in these rare cases ) Image usage rights only commence once the images have been paid for.(more info on our copyright page) Pay for the photos before you use them!


All outstanding payments are due on delivery. Where the items are posted by ordinary post this means we expect payment within 5 working days of receipt of goods. We do not do "28 day invoices" 6 weeks credit or any other form of credit/delayed payment. Charges will be applied to late payers as per our right under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002. This will include a late payment compensation charge starting at a minimum of £40 plus interest at 8% above base rate on all owings from the 7th day after the invoice. Use of images before payment will result in additionally being charged the unauthorized use rate which is considerably higher- more info on our copyright page)
  Errors and problems with invoicing or supplied imagery must be pointed out within 7 days of receipt. It will be assumed that all invoices are to go to the person or company contacting us and ordering the work. If this is not to be the case the invoicee must be agreed before the work is done and images supplied. Requests to re assign invoices after the work has been done will be declined.

All stock pictures will be delivered within 28 days maximum unless agreed with customer. Commission orders are subject to the weather and are to be agreed with the customer on a case by case basis. For commission orders all pictures and negatives will be delivered within 28 days of being taken (NB this is the longest time, the usual dispatch time is well within 10 working days) .
Print orders cannot normally be cancelled as they are printed specially for each order. Statutory cancellation periods do not apply to goods made to order. Orders can be cancelled by ourselves at any time if we are unable to supply. Goods not made or taken specially to order, such as my books, can be returned and the order cancelled within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. ( Click here for a return form )
All prices quoted on the website are valid for 24 hours and no price will be increased or subjected to any surcharge once an order has been taken.


All sizes quoted in inches are approximate to the nearest inch. If exact size is critical please email us and we can be sure of meeting your requirements. Occasionally we may supply an image slightly larger than ordered, at no extra cost, because we think it is better. An image in a frame will have a viewable area smaller than the size quoted because a small amount will be covered by the mount within the frame.

All commission orders can be cancelled at any time,and any deposit refunded, up to 24 hours before we fly ( unless a longer notice period has been agreed ) by emailing us and getting a reply, or speaking to J Webb on the phone numbers above (its better to phone to be sure we get the message , answer machine messages may be unreadable or take days before I hear them . The job is only canceled when you speak to me live on the phone or when I replay to text messages or emails) . Cancellation may on occasions be possible even later if we have incurred no charter or travelling costs. Once we have incurred our travelling or charter costs the order cannot be cancelled unless we have failed to perform our legal obligations and all photographs must be paid for even if you do not like the result. Weather varies and commission work may be done under cloud or haze but must be paid for. Aerial photogra
phy is different to ground photography. I need to coordinate aircraft and flight clearances so it is not possible to wait for an hour for clouds to move as would be the case with a ground photographer. The aircraft typically cost 200 to 1700 pounds per hour so we will not wait around for a change in the weather, we fly there and shoot it as we find it. If you need a photograph shot in perfect weather or with the sun at a particular angle you are advised to choose one of my many stock images. For private non business customers a cancellation form is available here or you can just send an email.

  ADR - alternative dispute resolution for private customers here is information regarding ADR ( click here)

  ODR - online dispute resolution for private customers here is information regarding ODR ( click here)

Privacy; Webb Aviation takes no part in any automated bulk mail activities or bulk tele marketing of any kind and no details are passed to anyone for this purpose. The website and in particular the shopping cart system and the advertisers make use of cookies. This is normal web practice. You can turn off cookies in your browser but then you may have problems using the shopping cart This website uses honest reputable software and does not deliberately contain what is commonly know as "mal ware" (surreptitious hidden software that downloads on an unsuspecting pc user.) We are not responsible for any activities of other websites linked through webbaviation.co.uk.

We accept no liability for any consequential loses. If your order is time critical and late delivery would have financial consequences then aerial photography is probably not suitable for your needs as it relies on the weather. Furthermore printing and laboratory services are provided by third parties over which we have no control. You must check carefully all negatives, prints and digital files before use. Imperfections caused by dust etc on negatives are common we do our best to locate and correct these before dispatch but sometimes these imperfections may be present in your final prints or scans. Mistakes are also possible with targeting and describing photographs. We will be happy to replace/correct any such imperfections or description errors but accept no responsibility for any loss consequential with your use thereafter. Check before you use!

Online fraud - as a photographer I am not an expert in online fraud. All my shopping cart transactions are handled by a large finance company called paypal. Webb Aviation holds no credit cards details nor even sees the number when pictures are ordered online. The risks of fraud are small but there is always a risk somebody will hack in and steal something so it is a condition of my online shopping that the customer accepts this risk and I accept no liability for any losses resulting from loss of data or compromised internet shopping. If you would like to order a photograph in relative security post a cheque.

Webb Aviation reserves the right to cancel an order at any time if we are unable to supply for any reason. If we cancel an order ourselves then we will refund in full any monies paid. No liability can be accepted for any consequential losses arising from late or non delivery of an order or through any other mistake or problem with supply of aerial photographs.

Meta data : Copyright Meta Data embedded within images must not be removed to prevent the images becoming so called " Orphan Works".

Copyright: All images are and remain copyright of www.webbaviation.co.uk and our subject to our copyright policy set out on the copyright page unless an alternative specific written agreement has been reached. Where images are reproduced without authorization higher fees apply .Other costs are also likely including administrative and legal costs in collecting the fee and also any criminal penalty imposed by the courts.

Webb Aviation shall not be liable for the breach of any rights held by persons or objects depicted in or related to the photographic material. The use of an image for any purpose is conditional on that the user indemnifies and agrees to defend us against all such liability including but not limited to claims, costs, damages, including legal costs, arising out of: any use of a photograph for claims for infringement of all intellectual property rights including but not limited to occasions where the user did not obtain approval from a trademark holder ( for example but not limited to; football club for a stadium pictures where the club name is registered as a trade mark, or TV company for a TV set pictures ), The use of my images is also conditional on that the user indemnifies and agrees to defend me against all liability, claims, and damages, including legal costs, arising out of: any use of a photograph for claims for infringement of all intellectual property rights. and including all claims for invasion of privacy. Webb Aviation shall not be liable for the breach of any rights held by persons or objects depicted in the photographic material. The Customer shall be responsible for acquiring rights of utilization over and above the copyright to the photograph in question and for obtaining releases from third party rights holders.

Trademarks/ third party copyright: plain english important information As a photographer I am not qualified to give legal advice on the very complex matter of Trademarks and third party copyright. You should be aware that some of the images may depict items where trademarks are involved. For example most of the football clubs have their names registered as a trademark. Similarly I have a number of shots of TV sets and the name of the TV program is trademarked. As I understand it my art is allowed as fair use of a Trade mark also educational and editorial use such as my website but if you intend to do something more commercial using the trademarked name then you may require the permission of the trademark holder , for example if you wish to re sell one of my images and you want to write the trademarked name on the product being sold you would definitely need permission from the Trademark holder. In some countries it may even be the case that a building is registered as a trade mark or something depicted on a picture is subject to copyright additional to my copyright of the image. Note carefully that I do not accept any liability for any claims resulting from the use of the images and you , as user indemnify me against any claims arising . So in short if somebody sues you for what you do with my pictures I don't accept any liability and you get to pay any costs, fines charges etc weather against your name or mine. Always get legal advice before using them.

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