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Welcome to one of the worlds largest on-line collections of oblique aerial photographs of the UK.

All the aerial photographs in the picture library are free to view  and available to licence as high resolution digital files with usage rights. I am currently shooting a huge  number of  aerial photographs every year so there are many more photographs in stock than on-line so it is always worth emailing a special request. With over 5 million visitors per year,  my gallery  is one of the biggest and  most popular galleries  in the world for free to view on-line oblique aerial photographs of the UK. All the aerial photographs in the gallery are taken  by me,  Jonathan C.K.Webb BA(Hons)DipM ARPS

                  Photographic Society

 August 2021: A number of my aerial photographs are featured in the E Magazine of the Royal Photographic Society, German Chapter.

The magazine is free to view online on the Royal Photographic Society website at


May 2021: A number of my aerial photographs are featured in the  Royal Photographic Society Heritage magazine.

The magazine is for members only, more  info at the  Royal Photographic Society website at

My night aerial photographs are in the German
                  Bild newspaper

An Englishman abroad

My German night aerial photographs have been in a recent  series of articles in  the Bild newspaper
entitled  is " Nachtflug über Leipzig / Köln / Halle " - Night flight over Leipzig / Cologne  /  Halle. The articles include a short resume under the title " Dieser Engländer machte die Fotos"! I have now published many of the images in 3 new German books: Cologne, Leipzig and Düsseldorf from above.

All Bild extracts © of and reproduced with kind permission of  Bild Newspaper www.bild.de


My aerial photographs have featured in most major newspapers including the Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, The Sun, The Scotsman, The Daily Mail, The Liverpool Echo. My images have also been published by the Royal Photographic Society, The Royal Geographic Society, the Royal  Society for Arts , the BBC, and ITV . There have been articles about  Webb Aviation Aerial Photography Picture Library  in the Professional Photographer magazine , The Royal Photographic Society Heritage Magazine, Bild Zeitung, Local life magazine and the Staffordshire Country Magazine as well as various newspaper and radio interviews. My images can also be seen in numerous publications worldwide including books, magazines, post cards, advertising, film and TV .

May 2008, The Royal Photographic Society have awarded me the distinction of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. This is a great honor and is a little unusual in that it is based purely on my aerial photographic work and also unusual that I have gained the distinction of Associate without first having gained the distinction of Licentiate.

Technological revolution: I always use the latest and best cameras  In  2008  I bought the  Canon 1DS Mk III, Kenlabs KS-8 Gyro stabilizer coupled with some pretty special lenses. With them I can  easily read many car numbers from 1500 feet with the long lens photographs and can photograph in complete darkness with my ultra fast lenses. From 2013 I made further improvements with the new Canon 5dIII with even more detail and from Summer 2015 I  have been using the amazing 50MP Canon 5DS .

See some large large samples These samples are very heavily compressed with just a small fraction of the data you get in the supplied images. Business customers can email me for a higher quality sample if required.

Edinburgh Castle aerial photo Newcastle green
                              festival beach HMS Victory castell coch Liverpool from the air
Liverpool Echo Arena / M&S Bank
HMS Victory
Castle Coch
M&S Arena
Scotland - Edinburgh Castle stonehenge Glasgow 21 megapixel
                          bloke on a stick Edinburgh Liverpool UK
Cardiff Wales
London aerial
London England
Millenium Dome / O2 Arena
thee Oval Cricket Ground
kensington aerial photo
camden aerial photo


Book releases
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                  from the air

North Wales from the Air


liverpool from the air

Liverpool from the Air


                  from the air

Birmingham from the Air


manchester from the air

Stations from the Air


Stockport from above

Stockport from Above




Stockport from above

Manchester from the air

Second Edition



leeds from
                  the air

Leeds from the air


                  from above

Tyneside from the air

2012: Three German Language books: Leipzig von oben, Köln von obenand Düsseldorf von oben which were unveiled at the Leipzig Book Fair.

                  Buch Messe

Leipzig from above / Leipzig von oben
Düsseldorf from above / Düsseldorf von
Cologne from above / Köln von oben


Webb Aviation aerial photographers is run by Jonathan CK Webb, who  has been in the UK aerial photography business since 1991. While much of my work is commissioned oblique and near vertical  aerial photography surveys for a wide range of blue chip U.K. commercial and public sector clients I also run the gallery where members of the public can browse for an aerial photo of their house or street. I hope you will enjoy looking through our image library as much as I have enjoyed taking the photographs. I have been pleasantly surprised at just how popular this has been and we have a huge number of visitors ( up to 5 million a year! ) from throughout the world, especially ex pats looking up their old home towns and students looking to see what real life is like in the UK . My aerial gallery is a real picture of British life, not just the chocolate box tourist scenes. I show life as it really is from beautiful York to the industrial North West of England with its factories and terraced streets. I take our aerial photographs flying at altitudes of 1000 to 3000 feet ( in the United Kingdom it is not allowed to fly below 500 feet ) Our aerial views are used for publishing, industrial site management, property sales, construction progress recording, boundary disputes, schematic maps* and planning applications as well as just a fascinating aerial picture to hang on the wall.  


                    photograph of Tower Bridge London photo of the
                  lowry gallery England UK Uffington White Horse snowdon aerial photograph of London showing Houses of
                  Parliament and Westminister Abbey with Millenium wheel
                  behind st
                    albans hertfordshire angel of the north


Please note I am an "etailer" and do not have a physical showroom or visitor centre for my photographs.

All images are © www.webbaviation.co.uk and may not be copied,saved, hotlinked or reproduced without written permission. All rights reserved and all moral rights asserted . Cyber-shoplifters will be prosecuted! To reproduce these images you must first purchase the digital file and licence. Unauthorized users of my photographs will be charged and may face penalties and legal costs. See my copyright page (click here ) .or email [email protected] for more information.Legal notice: Jonathan C K Webb trading as Webb Aviation is an independent artist, not affiliated to or endorsed by any of the subjects depicted. All images are sold without property or model releases, customers are required to obtain any additional releases needed. None of the images in this website are so called "Orphan Works" and none of the images are available to license under any "Extended Collective Licencing Scheme" I hereby contract out of any and all extended collective licencing schemes. To use any of my images you must first agree and pay for a license directly with, and only with myself, Jonathan C K Webb.  © www.webbaviation.co.uk 2020   Privacy