Aerial photographs of Liverpool England

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Liverpool aerial photograph of Liverpool England
                          UK aerial photograph of Liverpool town hall aerial photos of Liverpool john lennon
Catholic Cathedral
Town Hall
John Lennon Airport
Liverpool anfield at night aerial photograph of Liverpool One at
                          night aerial photograph of Liverpool at night aerial photos of Liverpool at night
Anfield at night
Liverpool One night
3 Graces Night
Echo Arena Night
Liverpool aerial photograph of liver building
                          Liverpool city centre looking north showing the
                          River Mersey aerial photos of Liverpool Merseyside
St Georges Hall
Liver Building

Port of Liverpool Building

Liverpool Arena
penny lane liverpool aerial
                          photograph of Liverpool Football club stadium aerial photograph of Everton footbal club
                          stadium aerial photos of Liver building
Liverpool FC
Liver building
anglican cathedral docks crane another nice view of the waterfront Albert docks
Anglican Cathedral
Docks Crane
Isle of Man Ferry
Albert Docks
penny lane liverpool chinese arch Click to
                          see a bigger picture Pierhead with the new canal link under
                          construction in 2008
Penny Lane
Chinese Arch
Pierhead 2008
aerial photograph of svitzer stanlow
                          mersey tug boat aerial photograph of Roayal Seaforth
                          Docks , Liverpool Merseyside bulk carrier unloading Click for airial photographs
Mersey Tug
Royal Seaforth Docks
Bulk Carrier unloading
Shipping containers
municiple buildings Queens Dock aerial photograph of Liverpool England
                          UK aerial photograph of Liverpool docks
Municiple Buildings
Queens Dock
Menlove Ave
Forthlin Rd
                          aerial U534
                          disected for display city centre from the East looking west
                          towards the River Mersey Liverpool Lime Street Station
U 534
Garston Docks
Lime St Station
st johns beacon radio city tower penny lane st lukes
Radio City Tower
Radio City Tower
Penny Lane
St Lukes



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liverpool from the air

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Liverbirds web special click here or the images to see the Liver Birds like you've never seen them before, up close and personal in this Birds eye Bird, to Bird view ! Now updated with additional images taken on Thor

                    birds from the air liver birds

The online images are much reduced for the web. The original 2008 long lens images are probably the highest resolution aerial photographs of Liverpool ever published on the internet and quite possibly the highest resolution available outside the military. Here are some sample full sized images: For 2008 21 megapixel images 1 wide angle pierhead 2 wide angle pier head 3 Paradise Project 4 Liverpool Echo Arena 5 Long Lens Alexandra Tower 6 Long Lens Liver Bird and Canal Link and 12 megapixels from my 2006/7 quality; 1 wide angle lens Pierhead , 2 shops , 3 long lens- market , 4 also long lens- Mersey Ferry . NB The samples are very heavily compressed to JPEG 3, purchase images are even better If your computer struggles with large images, below is a zoom in from one of the very long lens images;


I can also take aerial photographs to order in Liverpool and throughout Merseyside- click here for a guide to commissioned aerial photography prices or email me for a quote. With commissioned work I can take close up images to your specific directions for example to focus on a particular building and provide images from all the way round.

All the UK stock images in the Webb Aviation aerial stock image library are available as digital files for professional image users such as architects, planners and publishers; please click here for information and prices of the digital files. Because I hold so many stock images, not all of which are in the online gallery, if you are considering any aerial photography then its worth checking the website and / or emailing me as I may well have just the right illustration from stock. With digital files I am quite happy to adjust the image to your needs and can crop the image or mark out , annotate and highlight particular parts. up to an hours work is included with a digital file and this is ample for most illustration uses.

                photographer Jonathan Webb with the two most popular
                picture sizes

These images are only a tiny fraction of my collection and I have hundreds more aerial photographs of Liverpool including many more views of Toxteth, Aintree, Bootle, Anfield . For the website I've just pulled out a representative selection but for most of the areas shown I have lots of similar images from different angles. It would make a very boring website if I put them all online so I've just put a selection on but will be happy to add more if you need something in particular to show. After a busy year in 2008 lots of these images are new and up to date, indeed I have re-shot many of the views I took in previous years so as to take advantage of the latest digital DSLR cameras which can give fantastic resolution. Please email if your interested buying a photograph in a location not in the gallery. All the photographs are taken by me, Jonathan C K Webb BA (Hons) DipM ARPS. I can also supply the images as postcards but only in very large quantities (thousands) for trade use.


I have further stock aerial photographs of other towns & cities in England , and Wales in the main aerial photograph gallery, just click the gallery link at the top. Most are organized geographically so choose a county and then a town.


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NB I have a big problem with bad unwanted sales emails clogging up my inbox and threatening to do dire things to my hard-drive, so , unfortunately I delete unread and unopened anything that doesn't look like its to do with aerial photography so to avoid accidental deletion please include "aerial photographs of Liverpool " in the subject line of any email. 8Even just the word aerial will do as all such emails go in a sperate inbox where they are ready straight away) Also new customers please don't send file attachments in an initial email. If you need to send an attachment send a plain email first telling me to expect it. I appreciate all this is a pain but I guess this is our new digital future !


NB for urgent enquiries / orders when phoning, the office is not manned when I'm flying, however I am often available into the evening and at weekends. Many people phone me at 4pm on a sunny day asking about urgent commissioned work, may I suggest people phone me the day before its sunny ! If I have all the information to hand I can often shoot a site the next day if everything comes together with weather and ATC etc but if you phone when I'm already at the aerodrome then its difficult or impossible to brief me on an urgent shoot. If its urgent email is best as I usually check it around midnight before bed and again when I get the mornings weather forecast at around 8am. If its sunny by 9am I'm probably already on the way to the aerodrome.

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