Talks and Exhibitions

Aerial photography captures the public imagination like no other form of photography and as such I am regularly invited to give, talks, slide shows and exhibitions.

Talk and slide

Slide shows are usually accompanied by a mini exhibition of printed works. Talks and exhibitions have been on numerous themes and subjects but always bound together by the medium of aerial photography. Talks and exhibitions have covered anything from a single town, to a county or even the whole country. They can follow the historical and archaeological view or simply display the raw beauty of the landscape from above. Talks have been given to all sorts of groups including Geography, History and photography Societies. Talks usually last one or two hours and exhibitions typically run  any thing from a week or so to several months. Exhibitions can be small enough to fit in one room or large enough to fill a whole town centre.

If you are interested in hosting a talk or exhibition, please email [email protected]   or telephone 0161 439 5197


Jonathan Webb at the Manchester Geographical Society
Photo William Cross

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