aerial photograph of the disappeared medieval village of Alkmonton  in Derbyshire England UK
aerial photograph of the disappeared medieval village of Alkmonton in Derbyshire England UK. This DMV is a scheduled ancient monument and was once a thriving village with its own chapel. The ridge and furrow field markings where the villagers once grew their food show clearly in the image.The village was documented in the Domesday Book of 1086, when it is recorded that `Alchementune' was owned by Henry de Ferieres.From 1100 the village contained a hospital for female lepers. it is not known why the village died out but today we have only the archaeology. Note how one of the track ways in the top right of the photo continues into the modern field as a crop mark. A Church font was found buried here in 1844 and is now in St Johns Church, Alkmonton.

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