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Licence prices

To reproduce any of my images you need to buy a licence and I have a simplified pricing structure with only two prices for most typical uses by a single licensee with no social media use ;

Standard price 195 GBP each
Any quantity reproduction and any printed use, any video use any printed size any web use, non transferable* licence with no time limit. (see below for conditions & info ) The license covers commercial, non commercial and educational use all at the same price. Must include a credit ( author attribution) to webbaviation.co.uk with each use.

Uncredited* use price 390 GBP each 
As above but the right for a credit to webbaviation.co.uk is waived.

NB although no credit on or adjacent the image is required, the copyright meta data embedded within the image must remain intact to prevent the image becoming a so called "Orphan Work".

To order you can either use the shopping cart ( see main gallery link above) or send me an email and you can pay by cheque or BACCS. Click the contact link above right.

No Complex Conditions or limitations : No need to haggle  : One fixed price covers both print and website use by the licensee.
The price is a simple haggle free, non negotiable, non transferable *  flat rate and is the same where your use is commercial or non commercial and whether your use is large or a small use such as one day or a simple presentation. Images supplied as a JPG / JPEG which is almost universally compliant ( Works with any version of Windows, Linux, IOS & Android )
. The simple standard licence allows the licensee to reproduce the image on any of their own websites or in any of their own print media with no limitations or size, quantity or how long the image is used for. The only thing the licensee cannot do is transfer rights for others to reproduce the image, so you cannot upload the image to a stock photo website or social media photo sharing sites. After I receive payment confirmation I will prepare the file, upload it and email you a download link. This only takes a few hours maximum, usually less than half an hour but if I'm out of the office it may take longer so phone me if its urgent. Up to an hours work is included on each image which covers all the usual alterations such as cropping, re-sizing minor touching up. Significant digital alterations are possible including digitally creating complete images. For credited use the Credit (Author Attribution )  is not the huge text written across some of my gallery pictures but typically one of the following  somewhere in the bottom corner  or adjacent the image ( NB the credit must be easily legible so minimum 12 points text size and on the same page ) ;
copyright www.webbaviation.co.uk,
copyright webbaviation.co.uk, copyright webbaviation, photo:webbaviation.co.uk, photo:webbaviation.co.uk, photo:webbaviation

* Non transferable means you cannot grant rights to another person, organization  or business to reproduce the image.You can display the image on your own website and send people prints such as in a brochure but if any viewers or recipients of the image also want to use it for their own purposes they also need to buy a licence. You can distribute prints but you cannot transfer, grant or share usage rights to third parties. This means you cannot put the image on social media sharing platforms on the standard license. If your not sure if this covers all of your intended usage please email for clarification.

Social Media Use

Use on social media websites is not covered in the standard license and requires a separate license. Social Media use is complicated and has wide reaching effects, therefore it is not possible to implement a simply flat rate price as I do with my simple single user standard license  above. I have therefore implemented the industry standard MFM recommend price list, which is the same price list I use for my German photography. This has a variable price depending on the extent of use as follows:-
Usage length

1 Month
200  Euro
3 Months
291 Euro
6 months
352 Euro
1  year 613 Euro 547
3 years
901 Euro

Because this is a complex list, only a few popular choices are incorporated in the shopping cart, for other uses please phone or email.
Special conditions for social media use:
The licence is only for the licensee to post, other users may share the complete post  but are not authorised to make their own posts with the same image.
The above price is is for image sizes up to 800 pixels on the largest side. For images greater than this then the above prices are doubled.
The image must only be posted as part of a larger article or page. If the image is simply posted on its own then the price is double.
The image must contain a clear copyright notice with a text size of at least 12 points. Different to my standard licence, for social media use, this copyright notice must be visible as part of the image. For use without the copyright notice the price is double.
Licence time extension receives a 50% discount as long as it is renewed within the original licence period.
The additional sums above are cumulative, thus if you wanted to use a 1600 pixel image with no copyright notice the price would be treble the price in the table above.
This price list applies whether you want to post an image on social media yourself, or if you want a "sharing" button on your website.
If you want to use an image on both social media and on your own website then you need to buy both a social media licence and also one of my standard simple licences.
The licence is for a single image but may include as many posts as you want for the applicable licence time period.
These prices are non negotiable, if however in the event of any ambiguity or a use outside of the above, the industry standard  MFM ( Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto Marketing ) recommended price will be used.

Print Prices

Unframed print
Box Frame (GBP)
(Thin frame 2" deep which mounts flush on the wall giving a box effect
Frames silver - wood - black - please email for availability and info  )
Acrylic Gallery (GBP )
Acrylic face-mounted frameless photographs which provide vibrancy and depth to the work. Highly recommended
12"x8" 50 165 120
24"x16" 70 401
80 480
110 POA
220 POA 1326
Mural-approx 10ftx4ft
email for individual quote. Note all styles available.




Prints do not include reproduction rights. If you want both a print and a licence to reproduce then you need to buy the licence as well.
These are just a small sample of the sort of things I do. In principle I can produce any size or style that is available from the photo lab.
The above are in traditional inch sizes but Din sizes are also availabble, eg A4,A3,A2, etc.
I use www.loxleycolour.com for most of our printing and I can produce almost any style you see on the Loxley website.
Please note, the image format in my gallery are often a one off. To produce a print, will either require a non standard size , or the image altering to fit a standard size. Please  Email to discuss this and receive a specific quote. I will need the image URL ( internet address ) of the image you are interested in.
Image finish can be gloss, lustre or metallic. Gloss is standard, other finishes  available at no cost on request.
Prints are made specially to order so once ordered they cannot be cancelled or refunded so please choose carefully.

Price includes mainland UK delivery.


All off the above prices are non exclusive which means the same image may be sold to more than one customer. Exclusive licences are available if an image has not already been sold. This is for high value marketing uses where customers require that the image is not licensed elsewhere. If you would like an Exclusive licences please email for an individual quote.

Expert Witness
Jonathan Webb is an expert in the field of aerial photography with decades of experience. Jonathan is happy to act as an expert witness in relation to aerial photography. The current price for this service is  1000.00 GBP plus expenses

Unauthorized use: please note that in the UK usually I usually charge between double and 6x my normal price,  for unauthorized use of my images, In extreme cases I can
and will charge even more. Contrary to some opinions, this is both lawful and easily enforceable in the UK.  In the USA and some other jurisdictions,  unauthorized use is covered by statutory damages which can be up to $150,000 per infringement. More info on my copyright page.

All file sizes are the same price from 3mb to 123mb, see info on megabytes below.
Buy direct from the photographer
Did you know when you buy an image from a big agency they typically keep 80% of the price for themselves with the photographer getting just 20% and in some cases 10% !?!?

Although I normally work to a fixed price, for very large quantity purchases such as for a book of my work please email for a special quote.
Please note, although my images are cheaper than many,  they are of the highest quality. Many of my recent images have no close rival in terms of quality. Why buy a low quality  photograph  from an agent, when you can buy a top quality  photograph directly from the photographer for the same price or less?
My recent images are the best money can buy.
I use camera equipment 10x more expensive than a typical aerial photographer and have more experience than the vast majority.
When you buy a Webb Aviation stock image, you are buying directly from the photographer who took the image. You will be dealing personally with an expert motivated by perfection. 

Here are some large samples of the 2008 onwards 21megapixel quality
Harlech Castle Beaumaris Portmeirion caernarfoncastle landaff cathedral
York Minster Cambridge Blackpool at night Gloucester docks Gloucester
All images are sold without model or property releases. If needed the client must acquire these themselves. It is a condition of use that any third party rights are respected.
Mega Pixels and Mega Bytes
Mega Pixels is the width of an image x the height of an image in pixels.
eg my Canon 1DS mkIII produces images that are 5616 pixels wide and 3744 pixels high so 5616 x 3744 = 21,026,304 Pixels, ie when rounded 21 million pixels. Mega just means million but sounds better ;o)
Mega Bytes is the size of the file on your computer. Unless compressed the two are proportional, and image with more MegaPixels will make a file with more Mega Bytes, however the two figures are not the same thing so a 50 megabyte picture is not better than a 21 megapixel image and may in fact be less than half as good!
I've been very reluctant to quote image sizes in MegaBytes (MB) as it can be very misleading as the same image can be different sizes of megabytes depending on compression. Its normal practice amongst picture agents to quote the uncompressed size and then supply a compressed JPEG thus the offer is 60MB but what you get is a 10mb download. There is a logic to this in that the difference in quality between a jpeg and tiff is negligible (although if you make lots of changes to an image change it to a tiff and only convert it back to jpg when you've finished altering it) To give you a guide I have just taken a 21 megapixel image I shot yesterday and converted it to different file sizes the results of which are:

21 Megapixel image
Original RAW file
16 bit Tiff
8 bit Tiff
Highest quality JPEG
High Quality JPEG as normally supplied (Quality setting 10 from 12 )
Low quality as I sometimes use for web samples ( JPEG 3 from 12 )

To confuse you even more, when working with JPEGs the size will vary considerably depending on what is on the image. Large areas of a single colour such as sky make for a smaller number of Megabytes.
The images I supply are usually high quality JPEGs as they are easier to download and store. ( Many computers will not open a 16bit TIFF ) Where needed, for a huge mural print I will supply a TIFF at no extra cost if available ( NB Some images are shot as a JPG and some as a RAW )
All the images supplied are a much bigger and more detailed file than the web images used in the online gallery. You will receive the biggest JPEG image size available so more recent images. If supplied as a TIFF the older images from 2004 and 2005 are usually between 18 and 25MB for older images , around 30MB for 2006/2007 images. Older images as JPEGs are usually between 5 and 10MB but can be reduced if you have a slow connection or increased if you have a fast connection and require the best resolution.
Some special images or uses may incur a higher price than the standard price above.
This price is only applicable for customers paying in full at the time of order with no complications. Overseas customers who deduct tax from the amount will pay higher rates to compensate (eg Italy) .
High resolution digital images are particularly useful for urgent orders as we can occasionally make a digital image available within an hour (but only if were in the office and not flying that day!).
I have some on-line samples of full High resolution files, however please email for information about the particular image you are interested in as many images in the gallery are cropped. . These vary from year to year. From 2015 I have been using the 50 megapixel Canon 5DSR ( click here for sample ) and from the 2008 season I have been using a Canon 1DS mkIII 21Mega Pixel professional Digital Camera - click here for a sample.  Older images are at a lower resolution: click here (2006-2007 12MP quality) for a full resolution sample and Click here (2004 & 2005 6MP quality ) (wide sample)or here (2005 8MP quality) (close up sample)to see an example of one of our digital pictures (these are a lot more compressed than the ones we normally supply but it will speed up the download ). Some older images are shot on film, mainly 645 medium format but also a few 67 medium format and 35mm negatives. These vary in how they look so please email an image reference if you need to see some quality samples before buying. Most of the older negative images and under 12MP digital images have now been removed from the gallery so 99.9% of the images you see are at least 12 mega pixels.
Allowed uses; Almost anything is allowed and there are no restrictions on size quantity or media. Allowed uses can include but are not restricted to: newspapers, books, point of sale material, cards, calendars. Advertisements for the license including in newspapers, TV, websites Resale of the image is allowed as prints resale of the image incorporated into a video is allowed. Also allowed is the sending of the file to third parties for preparation of your printed materials although such use is limited to only so far as required to provide printed or digital media for the use of the Licensee.
Uses not allowed This is a non transferable licence so you can't give permission for a third party to use or reproduce the image. If you require an image to be licence in more than one name then please email me for a quote. 
Payment; all images must be paid for in full before they are reproduced. Using the images before payment is a breach of copyright and will be charged at an unauthorized use rate. (More info on my copyright page and my full terms on my terms page )
Notes on using the gallery
To find your image- Most of the gallery is is organized geographically rather than by image type. If you are searching for a landmark building your best going through the gallery- click on the county it is in then the town and then you should find it. From 2018 there is a search box, however for this to work it requires me to pre-program the keywords and it is not possible for me as a one man artist to type in every street name or post code. The search box works fine for town names  of famous buildings. You could also try a Yahoo or Google image search but unfortunately this won't help if you are searching by images type as it goes of the image name which is usually the building name or general location name (most are unnamed ).... the only way is by browsing through lots of images in the gallery.  If you need some pointers please email and I can put together a list of links to the most suitable images. (This research offer is only for business customers, please include verifiable contact details as it can take quite some time finding the ideal image)
Trademarks/ third party copyright. As a photographer I am not qualified to give legal advice on the very complex matter of Trademarks and third party rights. Non of the images include a property waiver or model release and you need to be aware that some of the images depict items where trademarks are involved. For example most of the football clubs have their names registered as a trademark. Similarly I have a number of shots of TV locations and the name of the TV program is trademarked. As I understand it my art is allowed as fair use of a Trade mark also educational and editorial use such as my website or a magazine / newspaper article but if you intend to do something more commercial then you may require the permission of the trademark holder. For example if you wish to re sell one of my images and you want to write the trademarked name on the product being sold you would definitely need permission from the Trademark holder. In some countries it may even be the case that a building is registered as a trade mark or something depicted on a picture is subject to copyright additional to my copyright of the image. The law on copyright, trade marks , privacy and other third party rights is constantly being changed and reinterpreted and I can give no assurance that any use is free of any third party rights or complications. Note carefully that I do not accept any liability for any claims resulting from the use of the images (see my terms) so if somebody sues you for what you do with my pictures I don't accept any liability. Always get legal advice before using them.

Terms of sale: All orders are subject to my standard terms of sale at terms
Some people attempt to save money by scanning a print or copying images from my website. In these cases please note this is illegal and I charge a much higher sum for illegal users. Other costs are also likely including administrative and legal costs in collecting the fee and also any criminal penalty imposed by the courts.  All my images are protected by copyright law . To use or reproduce one of my images you need to purchase a licence.

copyright. www.webbaviation.co.uk 1998-2023 email[email protected]
Copyright notice. All images are copyright   of Jonathan C.K.Webb . All rights reserved, all moral rights asserted

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