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   [email protected]

Tel 0161 439 5197

Mob 0776 968 8748

Tel ( from outside the UK ) 0044 161 439 5197


Please note there is no need to contact me for complex price negotiations for stock images as I sell at  fixed, haggle free,  flat rate prices for all uses starting at  �195 each per photograph   My no haggle flat rate prices cover all uses including educational, publishing , broadcasting, charity, student and artistic uses. It makes no difference whether its a small one off use in say a presentation, or a big use of thousands of books, its the same flat rate price for all. All my prices are published on my website :  Click here for the price of the digital JPEG file / licence prices  Stock images can be ordered through the fixed price shopping cart.

If you have any problems with the shopping cart, don't worry, just send your order by email and you can pay by cheque or Bank Transfer.

All the photographs on this website are created by me, Jonathan C.K.Webb, ( click here for biography )

I am a one man business and  I can be difficult to get hold off while flying. The best contact method is email so after a long days flying and driving I can still send a reply in the evening. Many small aerodromes have WLAN internet access but no mobile signal so often I can only be reached immediately by email. If leaving a message on the answer machine, please say your number slowly and preferably twice ... better still send an email as well ! I usually divert the land line to the mobile and if this then diverts the the answer-phone it is very �difficult to make out what people are saying. If I am using call divert it takes a couple of rings to divert so please allow enough time for it to divert and me to find which pocket my mobile is in ! If you need me in a hurry, an SMS / Text is a good idea as I will get it as soon as I land / drive out of the tunnel, leave the stone building etc. With emails please include the word "aerial" in the subject line as I get lots of spam emails every day. I only open and read those that have a sensible subject line. If you do not receive an answer within 24 hours, check your junk mail folder as many of my emails are wrongly filtered out. When asking about a location, please quote the post code as this makes it very quick to look up on online maps.

Jonathan Webb

I  do not have an office or studio so am unable to receive personal visitors. All the photographs on this website are created by me, Jonathan C.K.Webb and I am responsible for everything on the website. I am a sole trader and not a Ltd company or anything like that. My UK Postal address is -  : Jonathan C.K. Webb, "Villa Minimus" 14 Laleham Green, Bramhall, Cheshire, SK7 3LJ United Kingdom. UK Mobile phone (0044) 0776 968 874. I often work abroad, especially Germany and my German Postal address is - : Jonathan C.K.Webb , Suedstrasse 70 , 58285 Gevelsberg, Germany,  My  German telephone number ( mobile ) is   (0049) (0)  157 8594 6554My job involves traveling extensively, often for weeks or months at a time, so please don't send signed for post without checking that I am available to receive it.

Link to the EU online dispute resolution service :- https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=DE

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