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Error 500

It happens very occasionaly, only solution is either refresh your browser or wait a bit and come back. Most outages only last a few minutes.

How do I download Digital files I have licensed
Digital files download links are not automatic and the high res files are not permanently stored on our server. When you use the online shopping cart  the order comes through to me as an email. I then prepare the image by hand and send you an email. If I'm flying this will normally done in the evening. Images are usually supplied the same day (within the hour quite often ) but may take up to 48 hours if I am doing long distance / continental work.

How do you take aerial photographs

I'm often asked for advice on shooting aerial photograph so I have written an article on it which you can see here:


no reply to Email
SPAM is now at crisis level As my email address is on the web I get lots of of spam and viruses (more than 100 for each genuine customer email ) Spam filters do not work very well as most emails I receive are first contacts are often wrongly filtered out and also about a quarter of my outgoing emails are now wrongly filtered out too. Please put " aerial photographs" in the subject line so I can tell the email is real.  Please do persevere with sending an email but if you do not receive a reply then please telephone. ( 0161 439 5197 or mobile 0776 968 8748 ) If its flying weather I am usually unavailable by phone but am often available early evening until 9pm.

shopping cart problems

The shopping cart is unreliable and a pain. The first thing to say is you do not need to use it! You can pay by BACCS.

For well established company and public sector customers ordering my digital licenses you can order by simply emailing your requirements of phoning me. I will send an invoice. I cannot do this for small orders and private individuals though.

The shopping cart can be unreliable, even for expert users, so don't be embarrassed to phone or email. I'm often available into the early evening up to about 9pm

I clicked on an aerial photograph link and I got page not found "error 404"

This happens occasionally , just click again and it will probably work. Some of the new php scripted gallery does get overloaded at peak times in which case try again later. Once or twice the whole website has gone offline! Sometimes very popular images get jammed up and stop working so if a link really is dead please email me and I will re-upload it.

Some of the thumbnail aerial photographs are missing

This is normal, especially on a slow connection. Just hit refresh. This doesn't reload the whole page because full images are already in your computers cache memory, but the browser will retry the missing images. The link will still work without the thumbnail picture , just click on where it should be.

What camera equipment do you use?

Several ;Canon 5DSR digital is  currently  my main camera, with the older
Canon 1DS mk III & 5DIII DSLRs for emergency back up. My film cameras are retired from front line duty.

How big is webbaviation.co.uk and how many pictures do you have.

The gallery is now so big I am not really sure how many images are on it but certainly well over 15,000.

How popular is webbaviation.co.uk
My webstats for 2023 said there were over 11 million  visitors to  this website.

Do you have an aerial photo of your own house?
Of course I have an aerial photo of my house and online now!

On some photos your name is right across the image, will this be in the licenced image?
No that's just for the web images.

I'm a Student / Charity / Politician / Teacher / other , I have a very very special cause or very tiny use , can I use the images for free or have a discount ?
, due to the very high cost of aerial photography it is not possible to provide free image use to anyone. All images used for whatever reason must be properly licensed and paid for. Please do not contact me to ask for free photos or discounts as the answer is always no.


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