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All orders are subject to the following terms unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing .

Webb Aviation is fully compliant with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

For licences requiring credited use the Credit (Author Attribution )  is not the huge text written across some of my gallery pictures but typically one of the following  somewhere in the bottom corner  or adjacent the image ( NB the credit must be easily legible so minimum 12 points text size and on the same page ) ;
photo:Jonathan C.K. Webb

UK payments by cheque in � sterling should be made payable to "Jonathan Webb " or through our on-line secure transaction service which accepts a variety of cards and currencies. Payment for non pre paid orders is due within 7 days of invoice. Many commission orders will require a prepayment or at least a deposit determined on a case by case basis dependent upon the level of financial risk to ourselves. Any deposit / prepayment  is refundable in full if the order is cancelled before the day of flight, including when weather causes a cancellation. ( For some special jobs a notice period of more than a day may be required but customers will be clearly informed in these rare cases ) Image usage rights only commence once the images have been paid for.(more info on our copyright page) Pay for the photos before you use them!


We do not do "28 day invoices" 6 weeks credit or any other form of credit/delayed payment. Charges will be applied to late payers as per our right under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002. This will include a late payment compensation charge starting at a minimum of 40 plus interest at 8% above base rate on all owings from the 7th day after the invoice. Use of images before payment will result in additionally being charged the unauthorized use rate which is considerably higher- more info on our copyright page)
  Errors and problems with invoicing or supplied imagery must be pointed out within 7 days of receipt. It will be assumed that all invoices are to go to the person or company contacting us and ordering the work. If this is not to be the case the invoicee must be agreed before the work is done and images supplied. Requests to re assign invoices after the work has been done will be declined.

All stock pictures will be delivered within 28 days maximum unless agreed with customer. Commission orders are subject to the weather and are to be agreed with the customer on a case by case basis. For commission orders all pictures and negatives will be delivered within 28 days of being taken (NB this is the longest time, the usual dispatch time is well within 10 working days) .
Print orders cannot normally be cancelled as they are printed specially for each order. Statutory cancellation periods do not apply to goods made to order. Orders can be cancelled by ourselves at any time if we are unable to supply.Goods not made or taken specially to order, such as my books, can be returned
and the order cancelled within within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. ( Click here for a return form )
All prices quoted on the website are valid for 24 hours and no price will be increased or subjected to any surcharge once an order has been taken.


All commission orders can be cancelled at any time,and any deposit refunded, up to 24 hours before we fly ( unless a longer notice period has been agreed ) by emailing us and getting a reply, or speaking to J Webb on the phone numbers above (its better to phone to be sure we get the message , answer machine messages may be unreadable or take days before I hear them . The job is only canceled when you speak to me live on the phone or when I replay to text messages or emails) . Cancellation may on occasions be possible even later if we have incurred no charter or traveling costs. Once we have incurred our traveling or charter costs the order cannot be cancelled unless we have failed to perform our legal obligations and all photographs must be paid for even if you do not like the result. Weather varies and commission work may be done under cloud or haze but must be paid for. Aerial photogra
phy is different to ground photography. I need to coordinate aircraft and flight clearances so it is not possible to wait for an hour for clouds to move as would be the case with a ground photographer. The aircraft typically cost 200 to 1700 pounds per hour so we will not wait around for a change in the weather, we fly there and shoot it as we find it. If you need a photograph shot in perfect weather or with the sun at a particular angle you are advised to choose one of my many stock images. For private non business customers a cancellation form is available here or you can just send an email.

ADR - alternative dispute resolution for private customers here is information regarding ADR ( click here)

ODR - online dispute resolution for private customers here is information regarding ODR ( click here)

Privacy; Webb Aviation takes no part in any automated bulk mail activities or bulk tele marketing of any kind and no details are passed to anyone for this purpose. The website and in particular the shopping cart system and the advertisers make use of cookies. This is normal web practice. You can turn off cookies in your browser but then you may have problems using the shopping cart This website uses honest reputable software and does not deliberately contain what is commonly know as "mal ware" (surreptitious hidden software that downloads on an unsuspecting pc user.) We are not responsible for any activities of other websites linked through webbaviation.co.uk.

We accept no liability for any consequential loses. If your order is time critical and late delivery would have financial consequences then aerial photography is probably not suitable for your needs as it relies on the weather. Furthermore printing and laboratory services are provided by third parties over which we have no control. You must check carefully all negatives, prints and digital files before use. Imperfections caused by dust etc on negatives are common we do our best to locate and correct these before dispatch but sometimes these imperfections may be present in your final prints or scans. Mistakes are also possible with targeting and describing photographs. We will be happy to replace/correct any such imperfections or description errors but accept no responsibility for any loss consequential with your use thereafter. Check before you use!

Online fraud - as a photographer I am not an expert in online fraud. All my shopping cart transactions are handled by a large finance company called paypal. Webb Aviation holds no credit cards details nor even sees the number when pictures are ordered online. The risks of fraud are small but there is always a risk somebody will hack in and steal something so it is a condition of my online shopping that the customer accepts this risk and I accept no liability for any losses resulting from loss of data or compromised internet shopping. If you would like to order a photograph in relative security post a cheque.

Webb Aviation reserves the right to cancel an order at any time if we are unable to supply for any reason. If we cancel an order ourselves then we will refund in full any monies paid. No liability can be accepted for any consequential losses arising from late or non delivery of an order or through any other mistake or problem with supply of aerial photographs.

Meta data : Copyright Meta Data embedded within images must not be removed to prevent the images becoming so called " Orphan Works".

Copyright: All images are and remain copyright of www.webbaviation.co.uk and our subject to our copyright policy set out on the copyright page unless an alternative specific written agreement has been reached. Where images are reproduced without authorization higher fees apply .Other costs are also likely including administrative and legal costs in collecting the fee and also any criminal penalty imposed by the courts.

Webb Aviation shall not be liable for the breach of any rights held by persons or objects depicted in or related to the photographic material. The use of an image for any purpose is conditional on that the user indemnifies and agrees to defend us against all such liability including but not limited to claims, costs, damages, including legal costs, arising out of: any use of a photograph for claims for infringement of all intellectual property rights including but not limited to occasions where the user did not obtain approval from a trademark holder ( for example but not limited to; football club for a stadium pictures where the club name is registered as a trade mark, or TV company for a TV set pictures ), The use of my images is also conditional on that the user indemnifies and agrees to defend me against all liability, claims, and damages, including legal costs, arising out of: any use of a photograph for claims for infringement of all intellectual property rights. and including all claims for invasion of privacy. Webb Aviation shall not be liable for the breach of any rights held by persons or objects depicted in the photographic material. The Customer shall be responsible for acquiring rights of utilization over and above the copyright to the photograph in question and for obtaining releases from third party rights holders.

Trademarks/ third party copyright: plain english important information As a photographer I am not qualified to give legal advice on the very complex matter of Trademarks and third party copyright. You should be aware that some of the images may depict items where trademarks are involved. For example most of the football clubs have their names registered as a trademark. Similarly I have a number of shots of TV sets and the name of the TV program is trademarked. As I understand it my art is allowed as fair use of a Trade mark also educational and editorial use such as my website but if you intend to do something more commercial using the trademarked name then you may require the permission of the trademark holder , for example if you wish to re sell one of my images and you want to write the trademarked name on the product being sold you would definitely need permission from the Trademark holder. In some countries it may even be the case that a building is registered as a trade mark or something depicted on a picture is subject to copyright additional to my copyright of the image. Note carefully that I do not accept any liability for any claims resulting from the use of the images and you , as user indemnify me against any claims arising . So in short if somebody sues you for what you do with my pictures I don't accept any liability and you get to pay any costs, fines charges etc weather against your name or mine. Always get legal advice before using them.

Links and adverts. The Webb Aviation website contains many links to other web sites, some as paid adverts and some listed for free as information resources. These third party web sites are not controlled by us and we cannot accept any liability for any content or business transactions outside the Webb Aviation Website. We cannot provide any warranty or guarantee. as to goods or services bought from third parties. In many cases the advertising is automated and we are not even aware of which companies are advertised through our web site.We main this website as family friendly and a school resource and as such will not knowingly link to "adult" material. In the very unlikely event that some such "adult" material is in these third party linked website we cannot accept any responsibility , however please contact us immediately so we can remove links to it. Please be aware that our website, like all websites, is vulnerable to hacking and the placing of malicious code. We accept no liability for any code or content uploaded or injected  by third parties.

EU Cookie Law . The Webb Aviation website is Cookie Law compliant. All non essential cookies such as those found in adverts and webstat programs have been removed. Remaining are only cookies essential to the functioning of this website, eg for the shopping cart & security functions.

Jurisdiction; all transactions  are governed be english law and all transactions are deemed to have taken place in Stockport UK. These terms and regulatory information are valid for all of our websites including, aeroengland.co.uk, aeroengland.photodeck.com , aerial-birmingham.co.uk , aerial-leeds.co.uk , aerial-liverpool.co.uk , aerial-manchester.co.uk , manpic.co.uk and  sheffieldfromabove.co.uk

Privacy : Jonathan C.K.Webb T/A Webb Aviation is now fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Click here for our Privacy Statement

Terms of sale: Please see my Licence Prices  Information page for details of licenses and prices including attribution requirements. Please note that Copyright Meta Data must not be removed for any use.

Copyright notice. All images are copyright �  of Jonathan C.K.Webb trading as Webb Aviation . All rights reserved, all moral rights asserted



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