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Port of Dover from the air

Port_of_Dover_da49165.jpg Port of Dover from the airThumbnailsPort of Dover from the airPort of Dover from the airThumbnailsPort of Dover from the airPort of Dover from the airThumbnailsPort of Dover from the airPort of Dover from the airThumbnailsPort of Dover from the airPort of Dover from the airThumbnailsPort of Dover from the air
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aerial photograph of the Port of Dover Kent England UK. The Port of Dover was once used by the Royal Navy and it is a little known fact that one of the the Royal Navy's warships still lies in Dover, slumbering buried under the Car Ferry Terminal. The ship was the ill fated HMS Glatton. She was an unlucky ship from the start. Intended as a coastal defence ship for the Norwegian Navy she was launched in 1914 but immediately taken over by the Royal Navy due tot he outbreak of the first world war. The Navy specified a whole list of modifications which delayed completion until 1918 at which point she sailed to Dover. Whiles at Dover a fire broke out and fearing the main magazine would explode the ship's captain, Commander Diggle ordered that the ship be flooded. Things then went from bad to worst as while they were able to flood the forward magazine the crew were unable to flood the after magazine. Things were now getting desperate as by a cruel twist of fate an ammunition ship lay along side. If Glatton's magazine had detonated and caused the Ammo ship to explode then the town of Dover would have been levelled to the ground. Thus the destroyers Cossack and Myngs were ordered to fire torpedoes at her which they did until she capsized and sank, putting out the fire. The fire had cost 79 men their lives. Glatton remained where she sank , causing a nuisance to shipping until 1925 when the harbour manager arranged for here to be raised and moved to a site next to the western pier of the submarine harbour. That pier still remains and in the photo it is the pier in front of the Norfolk Ferry, putting the wreck of the Glatton immediately behind the Ferry in the photograph, ie right where I park my car in the queue for the DFDS Ferry today.

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