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Pre Roman (Includes all hill forts)

                    photographs of the Thornborough Henges old oswestry
                    Uffington White Horse wharrem
iron age hut circles aerial photographs of Stonehenge aerial photo of pen-y-corddyn mawr North Wales

Eddisbury Hillfort

Pen-y-Corddyn Mawr Eddisbury Hillfort
Carl Wark Hillfort Carl Wark Hillfort 
                    littlesodbury Perborough Castle Hillfort Berkshire
Little Sodbury
helsby hillfort

Ancient Burial Barrow Bolton Greater

earthwork Minniglow Long Barrow
Burial Barrow Minninglow Long Barrow
                    aerial arbor low

iron age hillfort uk

helsby hillfort
Enclosure?(image centre) Arbor Low Hillfort at Swalciffe Lea Helsby Hillfort
Huntford Hill Scottish Borders Hillfort Mid Hill Scotland Hillfort on Dodburn Hill Scotland
                    Hill Hillfort , Andover
Huntford Hill
Mid Hill
Dodburn Hill
Bury Hillfort

                      king arthurs round table penrith cumbria Mayborough Henge Penrith Castle Hill admarton heath iron age hillfort
King Arthurs Table Mayburgh Henge Penrith Castle Hill Huddersfield Tadmarton Heath Camp

mam tor

Banbury Castle Iron Age Hillfort  cherbury
                      the walls hillfort chesterton shropshire
Mam Tor Hillfort Cherbury Camp Chesterton Walls
                      photographs of crop marks showing ancient
                      settlements crop marks
                      showing ancient fields , and hut circles in
                      Gloucestershire Crop
                      marks in Cambridgeshire

                        marks in wiltshire

Crop Markings in Oxfordhsire Crop Marks In Gloucestershire Cropmarks in Cambridgeshire Cropmarks in Wiltshire
Amesbury Tumuli Castercliff hillfort Lancashire Beacon Hill Hillfort at High Clare Hampshire Meon Hill Hillfort
Amesbury Tumuli Castercliff Lancashire Beacon Hill Hampshire Meon Hill Worcs
                      Castle Hillfort Berkshire Pen-y-Gaer hillfort between Meidrim and
                    Bancyfelin Carmarthenshire Caerau Gaer hillfort Pembrokshire Hawks Clough Iron Age Hillfort , Clayton Le
                    Woods Lancashire
Perborough Castle Hillfort Pen-y-Gaer  Caerau Gaer Hawks Clough Lancs
Castlesteads Hillfort Bury Greater Manchester Ironage Hillfort near St Austell Cornwall Dunnabridge Pound prehistoric enclosure on
                    Dartmoor Promonotory Fort adjacent River Glaze near
                    Cadishead Woods Lancashire
Castlesteads Bury
Hillfort near St Austell
Dunnabridge Pound
Promontory Fort Cadishead
Newhall Hill twin enclosed settlement
Flag Fen bronze age site
Skelmore Heads Hillfort
Belsar`s Hill and the Aldreth Causway
Newhall Hill
Flag Fen
Skelmore Heads
Belsars Hill



Roman Remains


Hadrians wall - Thumbnail is Vindolanda
                        Roman Fort on Hadrians Wall

Roman Fort archeology -
                      canovium roman fort

wroxeter roman

Hadrians Wall
Wroxeter Roman Town
                      Hill roman
                      amphitheatre at st albans from the air the antonine
                      wall aerial photographs Roman Watchtower Scarborough
The Antonine Wall
 Navio roman
                      fort in the peak district Caerleon Roman Fort 
                      Gelligaer roman fort in wales Elslack Roman Fort - Olenacum
Navio Fort Peak District Caerleon Gelligaer Fort Wale Elslack Fort
crop marks showing ancient fields , and hut
                        circles in Gloucestershire Mamucium roman
                        fort in Manchester Roman
                        Pharos still standing at Dover UK site of Metchley Roman Fort
multiangular tower york Mamucium roman fort in Manchester cirecncester roman amphitheatre site of
                      Lavatris Roman Fort
                      Roman Fort Mamucium roman
                      fort in Manchester cardiff castle site of
                      Ribchester Roman Fort
Roman Amphitheatre in Chester - Diva Vitrix Diva Vitrix ( Chester )
Arbeia Roman Fort South Shields Segedunum - Wallsend Roman Fort
Amphitheatre Chester  Diva Vitrix ( Chester )
Arbeia Wallsend
Piecebridge Roman Bridge The Jewry Wall Leicester - Roman Baths Rocester Roman Fort Brocavum Roma Fort Cumbria
Piecebridge Roman Bridge Jewery Wall
Roman Baths
Rocester Fort  Brocavum Fort

                      littlesodbury aerial photographs of Reculver Roman Fort aerial photographs of Richborough Roman Fort Portus
                      Lemanis - Port Lympne Roman Fort and port aerial
Little Sodbury
                      Roman Villa Galava - Ambleside Roman Fort
Roman Watch Tower Scarborough UK
Caerwent Roman Town - Venta Silurum
Bignor Roman Villa Ambleside Roman Fort
Scarborough Watch Tower
Caerwent Roman Town
Hardknott Roman Fort Cumbria
Roman Bathhouse at Ravenglas Cumbria
Hardknott Roman Fort
Ravenglas Roman Bathhouse

Post Roman


                      abbey  byland abbey
                      yorkshire Archaeological Dig
                      Hungate York archeology -ancient fishpond maidwell
Rievaulx Abbey Byland Abbey Archaeological Dig York
Whalley Abbey tadcaster castle high worsall
                      deserted medieval village st pauls
                      monastery , home of st bede
High Worsall DMV St Pauls Monastery Jarrow
                      burton lost village archeology
                      - disused mineworkings Brinlow Motte & Bailey with medieval field
                    patters visible old abandoned mineworkings
Brinklow Motte&Bailey
wharram percy deserted medieval village ( DMV
                      ) Offas
                      dyke st marys
                      abbey york Carl Wark
Offas Dyke
Jedburgh Abbey Hungry Bentley depopulated village Leicester Abbey st Neots - cleared
                      land revealing old dwellings
Jedburgh Abbey Hungry Bentley Leicester Abbey St Neots
Furness Abbey
Linlithgow Palace
Eanton Abbey
Wenlock Priory
Furness Abbey
Linlithgow Palace
Ranton Abbey
Wenlock Priory

English Civil War


The Queens
                          Sconce - the best preserved English Civil War
                          Redoubt English Civil War Earthwork Redoubt
                          Newark Erith Bulwark English Civil War
Horsey Hill English Civil War
Earith Bulwark
 Horsey Hill


20th Century on


archeology - B29 superfortress maunsell
                        sea forts - rd sand s fort and shivering sands
                        ort ship wrecks on
                        the river medway ww1 trenches
Maunsel sea forts at red sands and
                          shivering sands
Stobs Camp -WWI training and POW camp
Stobs Camp




There is a degree of subject overlap between this aerial archeology website and my collection of aerial photographs of Castles. Most viewers will enjoy both. Click here to see my Castles images.



The gallery is organized geographically and these archeological shots are deep linked into the main gallery. In many cases I have other views of the same site which you can see by exploring the other images in each location gallery. If you get lost just click main gallery and then archaeology and you will arrive back here.


I also take aerial archeological surveys specially to order; click here for a guide to commissioned aerial photography prices or email me for a quote. I am more than happy to work out of normal hours to catch the morning and evening sun and have highly developed specialist equipment to get pin sharp images even in low light and in situations where normal photography with autofocus will not work.

These web images are much reduced from the original version which range from 6megapixel for older images to 12 megapixel for 2006 & 2007 images and 21 megapixels for the 2008 photos. To see the difference here is a full size (although compressed) sample of the 12MP close up aerial photograph of Iron Age Hut Circles at Garn Boduan Hill Fort.

I've always been interested in aerial archeology and whenever I see anything I take a shot so more pictures will be added as time goes by.Many of the images on this page are shot in special lighting conditions to emphasis the archeology . I've described the pictures as they appear to me, however I cannot guarantee my assumptions are correct and there may be other explanations for these ground features. I've only given exact locations where they are widely known. Due to the dangers of people plundering our nations heritage the exact locations of some sites will only be discussed with relevant academic institutions which will be checked first. For the casual observer remember these sites are protected and it is illegal to disturb them. If this page is of interest then my aerial photographs of castles page is sure to be of interest too. Many of the images would fit in both galleries so I've tried to avoid too much duplication by just featuring here those shots that are particular revealing of otherwise obscure archaeology.


All the UK stock images in my Webb Aviation aerial stock photo library are available for publishing. Publishers & professional image users please click here for information and prices of reproducing these images.



I have many more similar aerial views of the same sites, please email me if you want to buy a picture thats not in my gallery yet.

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